Thursday, November 20, 2008

How Homoeopathy works?

Homoeopathy is the branch of meidical science which is somewhat different from others and its mode of action is also different from others.
Unlike other pathies it does not try to treat the cause of disease ,but it helps body to remove the symptoms presented by body after considering the physical and mental make up of an individual.Here there is importance of word individual because it is the individual person who is affected and not a single part or multiple parts of the body.

Homoeopathy considers any ailment as the part of derangement in the individual person and so treatment is also based on that concept.

Homoeopathy tries to remove the symptoms present in the body and it is acceptable that if sypmtoms are removed and patient feels well being other bodily changes also are removed automatically from the body.
It works on the principle "likes cures like".

Here I would like to quote the first aphorism of organon of medicine(main subject of homoeopathy or essence of homoeopathy).
It means that the physician's only aim shoould be to cure the patient and not to search out for the cause of symptoms and to study the reason for internal derangement of the patient by making speculations and other hypothesis regarding the same.He should not waste his time in doing such things instead he should concentate on symptoms of the patients and his whole make up and then try to use his knowledge of homoeopathy for cure of his disease in such a manner and this is the most right and suitable method as it is not diverting you from your main roots and you concentrate where you should have done.

In short instead of investigating for the cause of disease by blood tests and other means for detection of disease the physician should just consider the pateint as a whole check out his both physical and mental make up and on basis of that should prescribe a medicine which will defiantely work and patient will be cured from his physical as well as mental symptoms and also other reversible pathological changes will be completely reverted as it was never present.